Machining capabilities

GMH UK specialise in machining shafts in the size range 20 – 40 mm diameter with lengths up to 750 mm. We operate 3 Celoria fm-742 sliding head 14 axis CNC s capable of producing high volume batch work.

The cells are fully automated with a 2.5 tonne 6.4 m bundle loader to inline measuring and packaging.

The critical features of every shaft produced are 100 % checked with an inline laser which feeds back to allow automatic correction of the lathe.
Each cell incorporates robotic packaging capable of loading the shafts into two stillage stations.

Offline, we use a Marposs Optoquick laser scanner to check that all characteristics of the shafts are within tolerance. It is capable of measuring angles, lengths, diameters and radii. It records all the measurements and generates SPC data.


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